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100 Ways to Benefit From Meditation

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You wanted 100 benefits of meditation? You got it! Remember, meditation is free, fun and life changing. No matter where in the world you are, regardless of background or religion, the benefits are there to be experienced by you. No one can make you do it. No one can do it for you. Make the decision and take that first step. You owe it to yourself.


    1. Concentration and focus sharpens
    2. Overcome all manner of fears and phobias
    3. Increase your ability to learn and retain new information – Learn a new language or musical instrument with ease
    4. Creativity increases and curbs procrastination
    5. Serotonin levels increase. Serotonin is responsible for moods and some social behaviour
    6. Keeps your emotions in check and stable
    7. Enjoy better relationships
    8. Kick bad habits easier than you ever thought you could
    9. Sharpen your intuition or “gut feeling”
    10. Become the master of your own thoughts
    11. Self confidence and self esteem can sky rocket
    12. Mental vitality improves
    13. The brain slows down the rate at which it ages
    14. Brain waves become much more coherent.
    15. Personal productivity increases
    16. Give more attention to what matters – forget trivial and petty issues
    17. Builds character
    18. Have “will power” on tap
    19. Develop the ability to see problems or situations from a wider angle
    20. Better communication with family and colleagues
    21. Solving problems becomes much easier
    22. Decision making improves in quality and speed
    23. Cope with unavoidable stress more effectively
    24. Perception increases, always see the bigger the picture
    25. Fine motor skills become enhanced
    26. Intelligence capacity expands and grows – you can teach and old dog new tricks
    27. Increased capacity for intimacy
    28. Much improved career prospects
    29. Lower the risk of many types of mental illness
    30. Social behaviours and interactions improve
    31. Aggression subsides
    32. Alcohol, nicotine and drug addictions can be beaten much more easily
    33. Far less reliance on prescribed medicines
    34. Embrace responsibilities with more confidence
    35. Sleep patterns improve, insomnia will be a thing of the past
    36. Sleep less yet feel better for it
    37. Allow development of emotional maturity
    38. Personality gains stability and balance
    39. Become more considerate and constructive
    40. Driving becomes less stressful
    41. Quit needless worrying
    42. The mind settles easier and eliminates restless thoughts
    43. Judgements become more accurate
    44. Develop better ability to become more empathic
    45. Tolerance grows to a whole new level
    46. Increases levels of DHEA ( Dehydroepiandrosterone, related to moods and mental well being )
    47. Reduces cell damaging Free Radicals
    48. Feel true, deep relaxation
    49. Helps those with high blood pressure reduce BP to more healthy levels
    50. Slows the aging process right down
    51. Increases benefits of exercise
    52. Oxygen requirements lessen
    53. Respiratory rates reduce
    54. Heart rates decrease yet circulation improves
    55. Immune system strengthens
    56. Losing weight becomes easier and focused
    57. Premenstrual tension symptoms ease
    58. Helps battle chronic disease and illness
    59. Recover from operations and medical procedures much more rapidly
    60. Cardiovascular illness risks significantly lowered
    61. Cholesterol levels decrease, often remarkably
    62. Muscle tension eases
    63. Increases air flow to the respiratory system
    64. Decreased susceptibility to viral infections
    65. Remarked increase in energy and vitality
    66. Increased dermatological health
    67. Great reduction in anxiety
    68. Overcome fertility issues by reducing stress affected ovulation
    69. No longer suffer headaches and migraine
    70. Better body temperature control, less sweating
    71. Control or even prevent fatigue and pain associated with chronic illness
    72. Increase appetite for sport, activities and recreation
    73. Better overall brain function
    74. Naturally enhance sports and athletic performance
    75. Utilize more energy with less wasted
    76. Achieve your ideal weight with consummate ease
    77. Increased electrical brain activity, promotes a sharper mind
    78. Relief from asthma and related symptoms
    79. Equilibration in the endocrine system for hormonal balancing
    80. Decreases the need for various medical procedures
    81. Nervous systems balances out
    82. Enjoy better sex!
    83. Finally experience lasting peace of mind and true happiness
    84. Achieve self actualization
    85. Gain wisdom, become more astute and wiser
    86. Forgiveness and not holding grudges becomes second nature
    87. Keep perspective
    88. Journey into self discovery and find purpose
    89. Become much more compassionate
    90. Develop increased understanding of oneself and others
    91. Harmonize the mind, body and spirit
    92. Learn to love yourself
    93. Increased positive attitude
    94. Find true enlightenment
    95. Form a stronger bond with your religion
    96. Stop wondering and find direction
    97. Feel, experience and live the present moment, the power of now
    98. Discover a level of consciousness beyond the physical realm
    99. Deepens ones capacity to love and be loved
    100. The best of all, meditation is free! Get all the benefits and invest only your time


 So you can see there are plenty of benefits plus more waiting to be discovered by you! Meditation benefits everyone.  The young or young at heart, male, female, regardless of religious background or creed. Meditation brings benefits to every aspect of your life, every detail. If you are still skeptical then I urge you to try it for it will cost you nothing except your time. And not very of much of that, either. Twenty minutes every day is all you need. Consistency is the key. A little self discipline is all you need to begin a life changing practice and finally experience all the benefits of meditation!


So How is Meditation Beneficial?

The benefits of meditation are vast. Psychological and physical benefits are widely reported and are also the main reasons why most people decide to get involved in meditating. In our Interesting Facts section we have laid out popular benefits experienced by regular practitioners.  Meditation is healthy, safe and affordable. To get started your only outlay may be for a meditation mat and that isn’t even really necessary.

Meditation has been around for over 5000 years, and was originally the spiritual component of yoga. Over time it became fostered by non-yogi’s, intuitively sensing and connecting the practice with greater peace of mind. Today, millions of people who regularly meditate admit to reduced stress and anxiety and increased energy. There is a science behind all of this, so lets now take a look at the science bit.

Transcendental Meditation

Studies into meditation have increased sharply over the past 50 years. In that time tangible evidence for meditation benefits have been found. Research into Transcendental Meditation (mantra repetition) alone has seen over 500 individual studies. Some are more remarkable than others. One of these, published in the Japan Journal of Public Health, reported that through Transcendental Meditation industrial workers sleep improved and those that smoked drastically cut down or quit altogether. Another study carried out at MERU Research Institute based in Buckinghamshire, England, found that the length of time spent practicing Transcendental Meditation correlated with younger biological and younger functional age.

Mindfulness Meditation

The focus with Mindfulness Meditation is on our breath to emphasize our awareness of the present moment. It is another technique that is widely studied. After an 8 week study of Mindfulness Meditation on participants and its effects, a report published in 2003 in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine concluded: “A short program in mindfulness meditation produces demonstrable effects on brain and immune function.” Sounds impressive, but a more committed response to the benefits of meditation comes from Taiwan. The journal Chang Gung Medicine reported in 2002 that “training in MM (Mindfulness Meditation) may be a medically superior and cost effective alternative to pain medication for the control of headaches with no underlying organic causes in highly motivated patients.”

Stress Reduction and Meditation

Research elsewhere has focused on the causes of positive physical change and effects on the body during meditation. Research carried out at the Maharishi School of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, found that meditation has a tremendous impact on stress reduction. For the research, a group of volunteers that meditated regularly for four months were examined throughout. They concluded that each had significantly reduced levels of stress hormone cortisol. This means that each were more able to adapt to stress in their lives regardless of what their circumstances were.

As any good psychiatrist will tell you, balanced cortisol levels are essential for good mental and emotional health. We need a certain amount of cortisol as low levels are dangerous to body and mind. Too little cortisol is the identifiable trait of Addison’s Disease. John F. Kennedy had this condition although he vehemently denied this while in office. However during his presidency he regulated his own imbalance with hydrocortisone, a synthetic cortisol. The opposite condition is Cushings Syndrome. Symptoms include  hypertension, red face with puffy cheeks, fat build up around the collar bones and muscle weakness. However we don’t need to have Cushings Syndrome to be at risk from extra cortisol. Teenagers can develop acne, and in some cases stop growing prematurely. Among the older generation excess cortisol damages bone tissue and may lead to fractures related to osteoporosis in the over 60′s. So its fairly evident that if we can do something to regulate cortisol, especially in such a natural way, we owe it to ourselves to try.

Other Benefits

After practicing meditation a few times you should begin to experience an ability to focus and concentrate with much more ease. It is a key component of the law of attraction. During meditation you will be able to focus clearly on your wants and needs. In your mind you can create a kind of “video” of how you would like things to be. Here you can experience your desire as it would be for real. Feel the emotions, the happiness of achieving your goal. These feelings are emitted with your frequencies to the ether. Do this enough and the unbalance in the real world will be addressed. Please keep in mind the physical possibility of attaining your goals. For example if you are say, 50 and male and have a dream of being the starting midfielder for the Boston Red Sox, its not going to happen. If it is within the realms of possibility then go for it! Your only real limitations lie in your imagination.

So all you have to do now is take action! The benefits of meditation are waiting on you.




Interesting Facts about Meditation.


Meditation brings benefits that are both physical and psychological. Great mental well being comes as a result of a healthy sub-conscious. Many believe that our sub-conscious mind and thoughts are responsible for the reality in which we presently find ourselves. If we wish to make improvements, then only by training our sub-conscious to correspond with our conscious thoughts can we achieve our goals.

To help inspire you, here are some interesting facts about meditation. Dedicating a small portion of your daily routine could be a real life changer.


  • Popularity in meditation and its side kick yoga have soared in recent years. With increased stress in financially difficult times combined with modern family stresses and technology keeping many of us constantly connected, its comes as no surprise people are turning to meditation in huge numbers.
  • It has been noted by many that the effects of meditation feel somewhat amplified if done very late at night or very early morning during or just after rainfall. There may be something to be said about electromagnetic influences in the atmosphere during the day. Remember that meditating is about raising our vibrational state. On a quantum scale, too much electromagnetic interference may hinder ones ability to attain an optimal vibrational state.
  • Meditation increases the body’s production of serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for our moods and behavior. Low levels of serotonin  manifests itself in conditions such as obesity, depression, migraine and insomnia.
  • Oxygen levels decrease.
  • Respiratory levels fall.
  • Heart rate slows down as blood flow increases.
  • High blood pressure reduces to more healthier levels.
  • In women, pre-menstrual tension can be eased by meditation.
  • There is plenty of documented evidence of meditation drastically reducing ones metabolic rate. This in turn eases the strain on the heart as it pumps blood throughout the body. In addition to the drop in cholesterol there is also a reduction of tissue damaging ‘free radicals’. ( Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that damage every cell they come into contact with. By reducing free radicals, we reduce cell damage. This ultimately leads to slowing down the aging  process!)
  • Reaching a higher vibrational state increases our creativity. Many report finding solutions to long standing problems when in this state.
  • Depression is lowered whilst moods are lifted.
  • There is marked improvement on learning ability and better memory retention.
  • Meditation increases vitality and gives a feeling of being rejuvenated.
  • Regular practitioners report a feeling of deep contentment, happiness and emotional stability.
  • Science confirms this as documented evidence says there is a remarkable increase in brainwave activity.
  • Famous meditators  include The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, David Lynch, Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney.  In the past we had Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Thomas Edison. There are many more.


So it is easy to see why so many people are turning to meditative practices. The benefits are many and goes way beyond the physical and psychological. Meditation can enrich the heart and soul. The feeling of general well being should come as no surprise considering our every atom has raised it vibrational rate to resonate in harmony with the Universe. Every atom in your body came from the Universe and so to the Universe they shall return. We are an integral part of all existence. As intelligent beings we are fortunate that we possess the ability raise and lower our frequencies. The question is, why wouldn’t we meditate?



An Introduction to Meditation


Meditation has been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. Practiced by ancient civilizations across the globe,  it is generally accepted that the practice originated within the Eastern religions, more particularly within Vedic Hinduism.  The main purpose of meditation is to allow the individual to discover a place of inner peace and quiescence.  It is a form of personal and spiritual development that acts to free one’s mind from the trappings of the physical plain of existence.

In many cases, the act of meditation is an effort to reacquaint oneself with the higher powers.  The motivation behind the act of meditation differs from person to person, but it would appear that meditation is performed in a way similar to prayer in western religions.  The notion of becoming closer to one’s God plays a significant role in most forms of meditation.

Developing into modern times, there has been a significant change in the way individual’s approach meditation.  Meditation has always been intimately connected to the principles of religion and spirituality.  In the west, one gets the sense that practitioners of meditation have little connection to the major organized religions.  Meditation, in a sense, has supplanted religion as a way to stay connected with the higher powers.

While meditation has become extremely popular outside of the hierarchy of the church and faith, it is generally accepted that it still exists within the realm of spirituality and ethics.  One common thread between modern practitioners of meditation would appear to be the notion of living an ethical lifestyle.  In essence, this refers to the ability of the individual to exemplify their internal, spiritual insights in their external, material life.

Meditation has shown to have incredible benefits for committed practitioners.  Many people have reported improved concentration, self-discipline, and awareness as a consequence their meditative practices.  It has also been known to induce a sense of calm, inner peace and harmony.  From a health and fitness perspective, meditation has the ability to relieve stress, and to assist with proper cardiovascular and respiratory function.

Meditation may not be for everyone.  But for those individuals that are motivated to make some positive changes in their lives, Meditation may be the key to unlocking the potential within.  Do not be eager to dismiss the claims made above.  Do some research, and talk to your friends and family.  There is a good chance that somebody you know has benefited from meditative practice.  It could help you, too.

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