It is a privilege for us here at Benefits of Meditation X to introduce to you Jamila Gorman from Silva Method Life.


Over the years a lot of religions, sects, and organizations have been using mind control. They use it for self- meditation and manipulating one’s own thoughts or re-channeling the thoughts of another individual. A lot of people believe that meditating and doing mind control allows them to achieve a higher state of consciousness and well being. It also fosters creativity, focus and relaxation.


This might make some wonder how such simple exercises can give a lot of benefits. To get a better grasp of the concept, it helps to be able to understand some basic mind processes. The mind, consisting of the conscious, unconscious and subconscious works a lot of wonders. Mind control works more with the subconscious part of the brain. And when mind control succeeds in manipulating the subconscious, you reap all the benefits.


Concentration-Concentration is one of the essentials in mind control. Concentration does a lot more than just making mind control more effective. Concentration and focus are beneficial to all people. Higher concentration and focus will help employees do their job well. Students can also learn faster if they develop their skill in concentration.


Inner Peace- According to the Silva Method, mind control and meditation helps a person find peace of mind- inner peace that a lot of people seek but often fail to find. It is something that cannot be found anywhere else but within a person. And once a person finds this inner peace it will radiate to the outside.


Self Discovery-Mind control needs deep meditation focus and concentration which would allow your real self to surface. Those who practice mind control are able to get to know their inner self very well. It works for mind, heart and spirit, creating a deeper sense of being.


Along with self-discovery is self-awareness. Through this you are able to have a clear idea of who you really are. Every aspect of your self is developed: personality, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and motivations. Self awareness is often linked to emotional intelligence. Knowing yourself well is a key not just to improve yourself but to develop better relationships with other people as well.


Mindfulness-A person who learns mind control does not only get to know himself well. He also gets to know others better. More than just sympathy, those who practice mind control can empathize to other people. Most of those who learn mind control are able to sense other people’s feelings.


Sensing another person helps you know how to deal with them. This will lead to having better relationships. Better relationships would mean a less stressful environment and a happier disposition that would boost self-confidence.


Mindfulness also entails sensitivity to the environment. A higher form of awareness and concentration means that you can sense the things going on around you. This keeps a person alert to certain events or eminent dangers.


Control of Emotions-People who learn mind control can also get a better grip of their emotions. And controlling one’s emotion is very essential. It prevents conflict and resolves one if it arises.


Mind control and the control of your emotions would make you gain more composure. Whatever situation you are placed into you can easily adapt to it. You can remain calm and composed even in the most difficult situations. A calm mind is an open mind that can think clearly. This can help you with problem resolution and make you cope better with life’s challenges.


Health- The mind controls the body. Many practitioners believe that mind control and meditation helps improve one’s health. There are also some studies that link mind control to longevity.


Mind control can be used to help patients who are battling serious illnesses. It can develop a more positive outlook for the patient and increase will power. The will to live and survive has been proven to be very effective in helping the body’s healing process. A healthy mind makes a healthy body.


These are just some of the many other benefits that learning mind control can give you. All of these benefits would make you become a happier person with a healthy mind and sound spirit. Mind control can be the key to living a healthier and happier life.


Although mind control has a lot of benefits, it is still prone to misuse. Many forget that it is a gift that needs to be used wisely. It should be used to create harmony and peace not to control other people’s lives and take advantage of it.


About Jamila Gorman

Jamila is a writer in the personal development niche with a strong – and ever-growing – desire to help people create their dream lives. She is a passionate student of the amazing abilities and potential of the human mind. From her lifelong love of athletics came an interest in finding out just what the words “limit” means; and how to get the mind past its whining to push on and do more. Years of ultra-cycling and an attitude of “bring it on, I can do this” have honed her ability to overcome self-imposed limitations in other areas of her life, a skill she now shares with a worldwide audience. Jarmila is a writer with a goal to inspire you to LIVE your life, on purpose, out loud and with a big smile on your face. When she is not writing, Jarmila is outside taking photographs, hiking the Colorado mountains or cycling to the far horizon.  You can find more of Jarmila’s articles on meditation at the Silva Method Life




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